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When Brands Optimise

“Ghosts of clipper ships which once made their way along the river, materialised themselves to the Orphan as he witnessed a tide rising and retreating as one with himself.” Rainbow Albion: Fable of the English Orphan

Distinguished — as seen to be apart or independent, from — works when aimed at the eye line and influence of desire to impel action through direct appeal of the imagination.

Within the kinship of social approximation lies this solitary critter.With Siddhartha at the River: Fable of the Indian Orphan

A conceptualisation turned upside down finds an imagination less known.

Aristotle and the Enthymeme

To be independent from implies the possibility of convergence to; where the identity of self becomes less opaque than the modern brand would have us buy.

Make no mistake, this Orphan is no angel. He is merely that which has been left over. The old hymns and canticles beguiling the savannah of sentience grow to encompass probabilities and possibilities he has become versed. They place him at the intersection of enlightenment where east and west singularise in the worldly circular phenomenon.With Siddhartha at the River: Fable of the Indian Orphan

A purpose not so explicit. A style through life that [trans]cends the immediacy of obvious action.

Lineaments became indistinguishable in this state of perfect liquidity; the mind became the culmination of all things, of all experience.Rainbow Albion: Fable of the English Orphan

Money as a Mimic

His world had moved from an ephemeral suggestion where he was orphaned in contemplation of transition, to a fixation of proximity which compressed distance — he could now see and move further and quicker than ever before.With Siddhartha at the River: Fable of the Indian Orphan

A body of proof, a proof of body; a piece of work held in figurative ideal.

The English Orphan never let the reverie distract himself from the fact his world was material. His reality became what he believed as the mind exists to know. It was an inevitable circle of fate which played over to the same conclusion, the same seeds which caused beginnings to arise anew.Rainbow Albion: Fable of the English Orphan

Money becomes a token gesture in conjectures of modern branding.

Brands, Language and Games

He had emerged from the ennui and enervation of the secularised modern world with a desire to progress. Affronted by pathways to transcendence, the Orphan would meditate and let nature flow through him.With Siddhartha at the River: Fable of the Indian Orphan

Reality becomes residual from tremendous bursts of energy.

A permanent acceleration of evanescence bought the whole cosmology, the history of the mind and the history of the man, into ever clearer focus. The spirit kept on. The Orphan, so versed at the heart of reality, lit his own guidance. He engaged in the language, in the world, in the imagination; in the promise and lure of the encirclement as the culture imitated each new and consuming rampage.” Rainbow Albion: Fable of the English Orphan

Back to Bitcoin

Emerging from his meditative state, the Orphan knew it isn’t just what happens within us, but what happens between us.With Siddhartha at the River: Fable of the Indian Orphan

Words bond Bitcoin which bonds words in converging and co-opted enthymeme; pray witness to implicit trust optimising and transmitting into the universe.




Ideas in games, language, and trust.

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Jon Gulson

Jon Gulson

Ideas in games, language, and trust.

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