John F Nash Jr.

Satoshi Nakamoto was octogenarian

“Just leave the old one alone! Older is better.” Satoshi Nakamoto, 15 August, 2010

“Nash’s paper is one of the first to apply the axiomatic method to a problem in the social sciences.” Sylvia Nasar, A Beautiful Mind p. 90 (1998)

“I actually did this kind of backwards. I had to write all the code before I could convince myself that I could solve every problem, then I wrote the paper.” Satoshi Nakamoto, 9 November, 2008

“Much more of the work was designing than coding.” Satoshi Nakamoto, 18 June, 2010

John F Nash Jr.

“According to the "long tail" theory, the small, medium and merely large farms put together should add up to a lot more than the biggest zombie farm.” Satoshi Nakamoto, 3 November, 2008

Ideas in games, language, and trust.