Satoshi Nakamoto.

Measuring Damages on a Bitcoin Standard.

Jon Gulson


If death is a separation, then the metaphor of division between this life and another can take on formal reception.

To say something like you were dead in the trespasses in which you walked, is qausi-religous, and such tones weren’t receptive until the advent of an extensive form game with a decision tree at its heart.

How were we born?

The garden as a metaphor for child-like innocence has been expressed more than once. It’s a re-occurring theme of literature and philosophy.

The Majority Decision.

As the child becomes an adult, the initial innocence might be lost, but can be recovered.

The future might present itself as a possibility — but it seems it’s out of reach in our lifetimes.

So how about going backwards?

Litigation is the very expression of a non-cooperative game, and it seems the cooperative ideal of Bitcoin has become the definition itself of a non-cooperative game context — it’s observed Satoshi Nakamoto must have been a game theorist — and his most proofed chain is the less orphaned.